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Our mission at Tacuna Development is to provide custom hardware and software solutions to end users.

Tacuna Development is a division of Tacuna Systems specializing in tools for sensing, data acquisition, and controls.

We provide full-stack solutions ranging from circuit conceptualization to desktop-based control software and mobile applications for your phone or tablet.

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Our Team

Christopher holds his BS and MSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. Christopher’s masters thesis involved extensive electrical and optical sensing of cold plasma for materials processing.

Christopher leads business development, applications engineering and the technical development aspects of the company.

He has over 18 years of electronics and microcontroller programming experience including robotics, industrial automation, commercial packaging, and data acquisition.

His strengths are found in schematic design, capture, and PCB development in Altium. Christopher oversees in-house PCB prototyping and small batch builds. Christopher Lange

Chris received his BS in Engineering Physics and MSc in Electrical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines.

Chris’ masters thesis was directly tied to strain measurement using strain gauges/load cells and ultra low-noise amplification techniques.

This experience has been invaluable to the sister company, Tacuna Systems team in developing their strain amplifiers.

Chris is responsible for the board level design and layout as well as documentation. Chris Meehan

Nathan graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with an Electrical Engineering degree. Nathan has extensive experience in the commercial power industry as well as a robotics background.

Nathan’s main role within the company is to manage the administrative functions of the business. Nathan Reitmeier

Daniel is a developer with a passion for creating engineering software. He has over 8 years of professional experience developing software, and is proficient in a wide range of programming languages including C, C++, C# and Java.

In his career, he worked on a wide variety of projects ranging from desktop-based hydraulics and hydrology modeling software to embedded robotics projects geared towards space exploration.

Examples of his work can be found at the Urban Drainage and Flood Control website, and on SourceForge. Daniel Miller

Mike Martin is a software developer with a degree from Colorado State University in computer engineering.

He focuses on the development of .NET applications, but is familiar with many different platforms. Mike Martin

Tyler holds a BS in Computer Engineering and an MS in Systems Engineering from Colorado State University. He has 8 years of software development experience in a plethora of languages and platforms.

He specializes in .NET application development. His portfolio includes projects for broadcast, data acquisition, defense, and robotic industries. He is a big believer in Lean Software Development ideologies. Tyler Kron

Nathan holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. His experience ranges from robotic designs to industrial mechanical assemblies.

Nathan is proficient in CAD using SolidWorks and other design tools. He has considerable experience in stress simulation modeling and failure analysis as well as complex mechanical assembly modeling. Nathan Rubey

Marc is a web and mobile expert and the Android lead at Tacuna Development. He is a senior software engineer, software language polyglot, an amateur rock star and American whiskey aficionado.

Prior to DAQifi, Marc began his engineering career at NIST hacking RFID technology followed by several years working on large-scale enterprise systems for the DoD and various intelligence agencies while at Lockheed Martin as a senior software engineer. Marc currently also works on a popular consumer mapping web site.

Marc graduated from the Colorado School of Mines with a BS in Engineering Physics and a minor in Mathematics. In 2012, Marc graduated from the University of Denver with a Masters of Science in Computer Science.

He has worked with C/C++, Java Enterprise (EJB and Spring), JavaScript (Angular, Dojo, Leaflet, jQuery), Android, Scala and Python across numerous domains but has been especially active in mapping and real-time data streaming and processing. Marc Bernardini